Seaside Mallorca
Seaside Mallorca
Dominik Przesmycki
Ctra. Cala Fornells 35
E-07160 Paguera

General company conditions

Our company, acts solely as an intermediary offering simple services. At the time of reservation a rental contract will be taken out directly between the tenant and the owner of the house. Our job is merely to act as intermediary between each party to the contract. The rented houses are only available for private usage and under no circumstances may they be used by the tenant for any kind of commercial activity, for example as a setting for photo or film productions, weddings or events of any kind.
Seaside Mallorca only accepts responsibility for the intermediation during the service (renting), however it accepts none for the production of the service. The latter is the responsibility of the owner of the rented property. The description of the object has been prepared with the best knowledge available, following the directions of the owner, and after having been verified by Seaside Mallorca Ltd. Therefore the responsibility for any arbitrary changes to the rental object after exhibition of it is excluded. If the rental objects are affected by force majored, power cuts or failures in the water mains, strikes in general or natural disasters, we accept no responsibility. If usage of the object is not possible due to force majored and there is no equivalent substitute object, responsibility is limited at most to the return of the amount already paid by the guest. Any other demand is excluded. Should the tenant after payment of the deposit on the rental (20-30%) withdraw from the contract, Seasidemallorca Ltd. reserves this payment as a compensation. We reserve us the right for compensation.

All ARTICLES, TEXT and PHOTOGRAPHS on this website are the property of Seasidemallorca Ltd. Any use of them is strictly forbidden. and will be prosecuted by our lawyers. We reserve us the right for compensation.
Furthermore, we inform the legal departments of the service provider. If you are Interested in the legal purchase, please contact us